Supporting You

Support Throughout The Build Process

SIG360's experts not only understand your world and all its issues, but can minimise the risks involved. Through us, you have a direct link to an energy efficiency expert at the other end of the telephone to help minimise the stress at every stage of your project.

STEP 1: Preparation for detailed planning requirements and submission to LABC
Our certified SAP assessors will produce the SAP and ease you through the SAP assessment process. We will closely work with you, and your architect, to identify:

  •        The right specification
  •        The right construction methods
  •        The right building materials

To both meet compliance and importantly provide you with the most cost-effective solution for your individual project, in many cases without changing the way you build.

STEP 2: Code Assessment

If your requirement, for either commercial or Local Authority reasons, is to provide higher standard homes to Code Level 4 or above or Merton Rule compliance, then we can advise on (and supply) renewables and all other aspects relating to your build.

STEP 3: Product Specification

We will advise on the whole range of traditional construction materials and new, innovative solutions, including:

  •        Thermal insulation and system build fabric first solutions
  •        Micro-Renewables solutions
  •        Acoustic systems

STEP 4: Additional Considerations

As part of the SAP process, we can provide a range of options:

  • Thermal modelling service
  • Condensation risk analysis for areas of high humidity, guidance on membranes and a calculation for detailed planning requirements
  • U value calculations

STEP 5: Approved SAP

Now with an ‘As Designed’ SAP showing the necessary energy conservation, there is every confidence the final building will pass the necessary compliance levels and your project really begins to take shape.

STEP 6: Product Supply

We can now project manage the whole procurement, integrating supply of products into your specific build programme, ensuring minimal disruption and improved time management for you.

Where required we can also offer:

  •        Quantity take–offs (on selected product areas such as acoustics)
  •        and M Manuals for products and materials
  •        Structural engineering advice and expertise (on selected building systems)
  •        BBA accredited products
  •        Product data sheets (COSHH)
  •        Installer training (on selected building systems)


STEP 7: Completion: Energy Performance Certificate and Sign off

We offer a range of post construction services such as:

  •        UKAS accredited acoustic testing
  •        UKAS accredited tightness testing
  •        Thermal imaging
  •        Provision of the ‘as built’ SAP and EPC

To talk to us about your project, please contact us