Approved Document Part L

The Approved Documents set out guidelines for conservation of fuel and power in the new buildings and has, for a long time, been seen as a key step in the Government’s pursuit of its carbon neutral target for all new English homes by 2016

The updated details of Part L 2013 were released for England and Wales, including new Approved Documents L1A & L2A in April 2014. Click here to view this update.

The aim is to achieve a minimum 6% aggregated reduction over Part L 2010 for domestic dwellings, and 9% aggregated reduction for non-domestic buildings.

The 2010 regulations will continue to apply to construction commencing prior to 6th April 2014.

The Approved Documents for Wales are set to take effect on July 31st 2014, with the 2010 approved Part L documents continuing to apply to work started before 31st July 2014. Similarly, the 2010 regulations will be applied to work which is subject to a building notice, full plans application or having initial notice submitted before 31st July 2014.

The Part L 2014 Approved Document for Wales has been strengthened to deliver 8% carbon dioxide savings across the new homes and 20% to non-domestic constructions.

The Headlines over 2010 regulations are as follows:-

  • Significantly better U-value performance for all new Buildings
  • Increased insulation thickness and wider construction footprints
  • The need to embrace innovative products and systems to aid compliance
  • Much earlier involvement of specialists for the necessary technical input
  • Mandatory ‘Design Stage’ and ‘As Built’ SAP/SBEM calculations
  • Additional calculation and information required for SAP calculations
  • Greater complexity with thermal bridges.
  • Additional emphasis on quality of construction and on-site guidance
  • More stringent on-site testing and checking regulation

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