PT Integrated Control Strategy (PTICS)

Integrated control

Intelligent touch-screen interface for complete control. Operated from a single touch-screen console or smart device*, Performance Technology Integrated Control Strategy (PTICS) enables end users to easily control the temperature of their living environment. The user can set parameters for different zones, allowing PTICS to regulate the system efficiently.

The system optimises demand and generation of energy, providing ideal comfort at minimal running costs, by interfacing with and controlling multiple energy sources, such as:

  • Heat interface units
  • Wet and electric underfloor heating
  • Ventilation
  • Radiators
  • Fan coil units

* Additional module software required

Integrated control

Features and Benefits

  • A single zone sensor controls heating and cooling demand with the benefit of floor temperature protection
  • PTICS learns the thermal inertia of the zone, predicting heating/cooling requirements
  • Pre-programmed maintenance regime operates UFH manifold pump and actuators after 72 hours of inactivity, ensuring continual operation of the system
  • Individual zone, time and temperature scheduling including hot water, with historical log
  • Finely calibrated software enables users to control costs by only producing heat precisely when and where it is needed

An Installer-Friendly Solution

The control system operates through a 12volt DC single BUS network for simple installation at minimal cost, making the system cable low-risk and installer friendly. PTICS is supplied pre-configured for installation by electrical contractor.