Prefabricated Utility Cupboard

Prefabricated Utility Cupboard

Manufactured off-site and delivered pre-tested, wired and commissioned. A bespoke solution, designed in BIM, the Metechno PUC provides a central interface point for mechanical, heating and ventilation configurations.

Capable of integrating any project arrangements, the Metechno PUC can be supplied direct or in collaboration with a Mechanical & Electrical contractor.

Designed to meet even the most challenging logistical requirements, the Metechno PUC is constructed to accommodate hoisting requirements and can be installed without the need for bespoke plant. In-depth training is provided to support subcontractors and installers.

The Off-site Advantage

  • Faster, as on-site and off-site activities occur in parallel
  • Components assembled under quality controlled conditions
  • Production is not subject to on-site related delays (e.g. weather)
  • Reduces on-site activity, minimizing disruption and logistical demands