Acoustic Floating Floor System

Acoustic Floating Floor System

It is very common for cast in-situ concrete floors and pre-cast concrete planks to be uneven. Both have cambers and deflection characteristics which necessitate the packing of timber floating floors to achieve a level floor finish.

CMS Danskin's patented range of Saddle Flooring Systems solve this problem by providing an easy and accurate method of levelling a timber floating floor over an uneven sub-floor without the need for levelling screeds.

Compliance with the Building Regulations

The sound insulation of party floors is a necessary requirement of the Building Regulations. Methods of satisfying the Regulations are set out in Approved Document E in England and Wales.

Features and Benefits

  • FFT2 compliant for many Robust Detail floors
  • Quick and easy levelling of uneven floors
  • GWP of resilient layer is 0
  • Effective reduction of impact and airborne sound
  • Eliminates wet trades
  • Weight saving compared to screeds can reduce foundation costs
  • PEFCTM or FSCĀ® chain of custody
  • Provides void for services, insulation or underfloor heating