Product Solutions

SIG Mechanical & Electrical offer a leading range of specialist construction products and services to the mechanical & electrical industry.

Man fabricating some metal

First Fix Mechanical & Electrical

From standard product through to bespoke fabrication, we work with our customer partners to provide solutions and stock a wide range of products that can be delivered to you, overnight or even on the same day, to keep your project moving.

A range of drainage products

Commercial Drainage

On all above ground drainage and all tools and components in between, we can offer you industry leading expertise on all market leading brands and products, in a market where specialist knowledge is essential to meet the rising standards in the industry.

Our extensive product range and specialist fleet of vehicles ensures your project can be delivered on time and within budget – no matter how complex the challenge.

Passive fire protection products

Passive Fire Protection

Our nationwide team are on hand to provide you with expert advice on any fire protection requirements you may have. We supply a range of fire protection products covering the entire construction process, which when combined with our expertise can help you to manage the liability on your projects.

Air handling products

Air Handling & Ductwork

As a leading nationwide distributor of products associated with the air management of buildings, our technical expertise and after sales support from our specialists puts us in a unique position to assist customers at all stages of the procurement process.

HVAC solutions

Technical Insulation 

We are a leading distributor of thermal insulation products, specialising in providing HVAC solutions for the mechanical & electrical contractor.

No matter what the scale of your project, our staff will work with you to provide the solutions to your specialist application problems. We guarantee a high level of impartial technical back up and after sales service across our nationwide branch network.

Acoustics & Anti-vibration

SIG Performance Technology manufacture and distribute acoustic and anti-vibration products as well as advise clients on all matters relating to soundproofing materials and noise reduction strategies. Drawing on technical experience and access to strong and reliable supply lines; SIG Performance Technology is able to provide a solutions-based service to the most challenging of building designs.

Parking Ventilation Systems

PVE are the UK’s foremost car park ventilation specialists, with focus on the design of ventilation systems for both commercial and residential buildings. We offer a significant number of technical, financial and environmental benefits, whilst  our service includes design and supply through to installation and commissioning.

Underfloor Heating Systems

FUSI has been designed by SIG Performance Technology to deliver an intelligent, fully integrated underfloor heating and Part E acoustic compliant system for luxury accommodation, particularly, but not exclusively, in high-rise developments. By creating continuity from initial design and specification, final supply of system elements, to installation across all aspects of the FUSI system, SIG Performance Technology can offer a multitude of time and cost saving benefits.

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