Offshore insulation

Here at SIG Technical Insulation, we pride ourselves on being a leading distributor in thermal insulation products. We offer thermal insulant solutions for industrial processes, including power generation, brewing and distilling, offshore and marine, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and specialised applications. As well as our large range of market leading products, we are also able to help you with all of your logistical needs thanks to our network of branches that are strategically situated throughout the UK, so along with our highly experienced team of expert employees, we are uniquely equipped to service all of your technical insulation needs.

Product Ranges:

  • Rock Fibre
  • Calcium Silicate
  • Cellular Glass
  • Aspen Aerogels
  • Flexible Pipe Insulation
  • Phenolic Foam Pipe Insulation
  • V-Clad Plus
  • Polyisocyanurate
  • Ultra Insulation Jackets
  • Metal Products
  • Ancillaries