Fire Protection

When specified correctly fire protection materials preserve property and can save lives. With so many products available and so much at stake, gaining expert advice on choosing the right products is vital.

Fire Fighter

We also stock a wide range of ancillary items such as fixings and steel angles. Fire Protection is a specialist market and you need suppliers who have the experience and technical expertise to give you tailored advice on products and applications. We can advise you on which metal systems to use or which fixings and fastenings you need for your boards and panels for example.The range of fire protection products supplied by SIG Technical Insulation covers fire protection materials suitable for the entire construction process. This website features information on fire protection products from major manufacturers and includes products for structural steel, partitioning, ductwork, wall and roof linings, ceilings and intumescent fire stopping.

As our experts are on hand to support you, we can help you select the exact products for your application, first time, every time. This product range and expertise is backed up by our fleet of specialist delivery vehicles, so we ensure your products are delivered exactly when and where you want them. Efficient scheduling means the risks of damage and loss are greatly reduced and our fleet of Moffett Mounty off-loading vehicles provide the ideal solution for sites with limited availability for off-loading facilities or difficult access.

Product Ranges

  • Ablative Coated Batts
  • Loadbearing Fire Compound
  • Intumescent Fire and Acoustic Sealant
  • Fire Resistant Silicone Sealant
  • High Pressure Exerting Mastic
  • Ultra Universal Pipe Wrap and Pipe Sleeve
  • Fire Collars
  • Insulated Fire Sleeves
  • Expansion Joint Strips
  • Fire Pillows
  • Speedline Putty Pads
  • Multi Cable Firestop
  • Fire Duct System
  • Structural Steel
  • Fire Barrier Systems
  • Cladding and Curtain Walling
  • PassiveTec Tunnel Liner and Ductliner
  • Firemac FM Blue