Everyone uses a washroom, so every workplace needs one. However, we see them as more than just practical and functional, because we understand their style and design are just as important as any other area of the building. That’s why we offer a variety of solutions to suit all designs and budgets.

Cubicles, vanity units, light pelmets, panelling and integrated plumbing systems all combine to create the right environment. If you’re looking to impress, it’s possible to create appealing aesthetics with bespoke luxurious finishes. We also have Pace, a simple to install, off-the-shelf range that can be used to provide a fast washroom solution that fits any space perfectly.

If you’ve got children in mind, then washrooms that mix bright colours with durable materials provide a practical solution. We also have washrooms available to suit high humidity environments or areas that may experience sudden temperature change.

Commercial, healthcare, leisure, retail – whatever the sector, whatever the requirement, our range of washrooms are hygienic, quick and easy to install, and come with all the necessary fixtures and fittings.


Available off the shelf, Pace is a simple to install one-size-fits-all cubicle system.  Supplied in one box including all the necessary fixings and accessories required, the Pace range provides exceptional value for money and is designed to stand the test of time.


Nu-style Perform Panel

The Perform Panel and the Allure range of Perform panels provide the ideal choice as an alternative to tiles.

Offering floor to ceiling moisture protection they are simple to install with virtually no maintenance.  Unlike tiles Perform Panel does not suffer from unsightly discolouration, with a range of colours and trim finishes available to suit any commercial environment, they are versatile, robust and practical.