Temporary Site Protection

Damage to high specification finishes is costly to repair or replace and this can lead to contract delays. SIG Interiors offer a range of Temporary Site Protection products including protective coverings for Floors, Kitchens, Sanitary Ware, Stairs and Doors both internally and externally.

Products are designed to provide protection of materials and finishes in construction projects until the building is handed over at completion.

Floor Protection

  • Low tack, carpet protection films
  • Film dispensers
  • Flame retardant TwinShield boards
  • Tack mats for heavy traffic entrance areas
  • Rubber matting

Stair Protection

  • Stairtread protectors
  • Stairshield
  • Carpet protection film
  • FloorShield stairtreads
  • Foam post and handrail protection

Door Protection

  • Door frame protection
  • Door cill protectors
  • Door Sleeves
  • Full door protection panels
  • Steel door protection pack
  • TwinShield door protection

Internal Protection

  • Appliance protectors
  • Bubblewrap
  • Building papers
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Dust sheets
  • Edgeguards
  • Furniture protection bags
  • Insect mesh
  • OckProps
  • Overshoes & automatic dispensers
  • Zip doors