Suspended Ceilings

Suspended Ceilings

SIG Interiors offer a comprehensive range of suspended ceiling tiles and grid systems manufactured from mineral fibre, glass/rock fibre, gypsum, wood and metal to meet demanding performance and aesthetic requirements. With ceilings and lighting from the leading manufacturers, the possibilities are endless.

Product and Project Support

Not only do we supply the leading manufacturer’s products, we can support you or your client with everything from initial concepts or product identification to installation of tile and grid systems.

Standard products are held locally at your SIG Interiors branch and advice on bespoke products is available to assist you meeting the needs of the most demanding of concepts. Products to suit education, retail, healthcare, and leisure and office applications are encompassed in the SIG Interiors offering with no job too big or small! A wide range of ancillary products including lighting, ceiling canopies and fixings help complete any project.

Wet Felt (Hard Fibre) Tiles

Wet Felt Ceiling Tiles are the principal suspended ceiling solution used in offices, schools, hospitals, retail units and many other non-domestic buildings. They are manufactured using stonewool, glasswool and wet felted mineral wool. SIG offer a range of products for all areas and levels of performance from sector specific to high quality commercial tiles. SIG support industry leading supplier partners such as Armstrong, Owa, Burgess and Knauf AMF to offer our customers the full spectrum of Wet Felt solutions.

Soft Fibre Tiles

Soft Fibre Tiles

Soft Fibre Ceiling Tiles are mineral fibre ceiling products manufactured with a high proportion of mineral wool and finished with a painted laminated scrim decorative facing. They are therefore more porous and lower in density than 'Wet Felt' mineral wool types and the result is the tiles have very high sound absorption. SIG support industry leading supplier partners such as Saint Gobain Ecophon Ltd, Rockfon, Armstrong and Knauf AMF.        

Gypsum Tile

Gypsum Ceiling Tiles are made from a sedimentary rock that is sturdy and relatively inexpensive to manufacture. Gypsum has become a popular ceiling material due to its cost-effectiveness, durability, fire resistant qualities and versatility. SIG support industry leading supplier partners such as British Gypsum Ltd, Knauf UK, and Burgess CEP.

Metal Ceiling Tiles

Metal Ceiling Tiles offer a functional and stylish finish to a suspended ceiling system. The Metal Ceiling Tiles in conjunction with the steel ceiling grid are a credible and high-end alternative to traditional mineral fibre ceilings. This will often fit either a 15 or 24mm wide ceiling grid. SIG support the leading manufacturers of Metal Ceiling Tiles including Burgess CEP, Armstrong, Owa and SAS International.

Ceiling Grid

Ceiling Grid is a combination of 15mm and 24mm steel metal interlocking sections connected together to form the openings for ceiling tiles. The metal channels are formed in the shape of an upside down ‘T’ which is usually finished with a white paint to match the ceiling tiles in situ. The T bars are supported at various intervals by a suspension mechanism that is usually galvanized wire. SIG supply our own-branded grid system called Ocelot Powergrid and supports numerous grid suppliers including Armstrong, Owa, Knauf AMF, Saint-Gobain Ecophon Ltd and Rockfon.

Ceiling Grid

LED Lighting

SIG offer an own-branded range of Ocelot LED drop-in, surface mounted, spring clip and dimmable rounded panels in a variety of sizes. The LED panels offer super bright SMD LED chips, Aluminum die-casting and a high quality Nano Diffusion membrane. SIG also support industry leading manufacturers such as Dextra and SLP.

Ceiling Rafts/Baffles/Canopies

The use of free-hanging units as acoustic rafts and baffles provide flexibility and a multitude of acoustic solutions to problems related to acoustic design in a commercial setting. Solitary ceiling rafts give the benefit of diffraction, and increased speech and listening comfort. SIG support leading manufacturers of Rafts and Baffles including Armstrong, Saint-Gobain Ecophon Ltd, Rockfon, Heradesign and Burgess CEP.

Ceiling Canopies

Canopies come in three different designs (flat, concave and convex) and give the specifier the ability to create areas within larger spaces or rooms and add definition with local acoustic comfort to a working zone. Canopies provide a high level of design flexibility as they come in three different designs and can be used independently or as groups and arrays. SIG support Armstrong in offering Ceiling Canopies into the Commercial Interiors Market.