Zeus Capital - Seamless finish using Tenon Vitrage

Zeus Captial
Project: Zeus Capital
Contractor: Beech Interiors Ltd
SIG Interiors Branch: SIG Interiors Manchester
Contact: Tanya McFerran
Products Used: Tenon Vitrage Single Glaze with 12.8mm acoustic laminate glass & 12mm clear toughened doors – additional products used include wallboards and insulation for the solid elements.

The original brief of the project came following an onsite meeting with Beech Interiors and the client Zeus Capital. The concept was simple – the client wanted to see as little of the aluminium as possible, Clare Hughes (Zeus Capital) “The level of detail on this project was extremely high, we wanted the glass to appear seamless and didn’t want to see any of the framework. We worked together to come up with a solution that achieved the look we were striving for which was very successful”.

To achieve this look the objective was to have the tracks hidden in the walls and flooring, by using white framework to the head and wall abutments and grey/silver to the base it ensured the frame work matched the environment of white walls and ceilings and grey floor tiles, giving the desired frameless appearance, it was essential that during the site fix SIG worked with the other trades that Beech Interiors had on site to ensure the desired affect was achieved.

Gary Hood – Project Director, Beech Interiors explains why he chose to work with SIG “Having worked with SIG Interiors for the last few years I have found the service provided is always efficient, proactive and friendly. Due to this consistent service we chose to work with SIG Interiors Manchester on this large prestigious project. Their support enables us to meet strict deadlines, and work well together. Due to this collaboration we were able to ensure we achieved the desired stylish, minimalistic look sought after by the client”