Masonry Support and Brickwork Accessories

The teams at SIG Construction Accessories are highly experienced in the brickwork and accessories industry and have supplied a comprehensive range of standard and specialist products to sites, as well as providing a project management, take-off and design service.

We stock more Ancon products than any other distributor, including off-the-shelf support systems, channel, brick reinforcement and wall ties. Many of the products are available on our next day delivery service through our nationwide network of branches.

Masonry Support

There are three primary masonry support systems from Ancon: AnconOptima, MDC and CFA. Our hands-on service means that one of our dedicated project managers will assess your project and liaise with your procurement and design teams to define which system is most appropriate for your project.

To make an enquiry for a masonry support system all you need to do is tell us the cavity size, the masonry load to be carried and what the support system will be fixed back to.

Cast-in Channels & Bolt Fixings

Cast-in channels provide the necessary adjustment required when fixing to concrete, which can eliminate site drilling, saving time and money on site. Cast-in channels are used in a wide range of applications, wherever adjustable connections are required, including large scale infrastructure projects such as tunnels and bridges.

Design features such as integrated nail holes aid the fixing of channels to timber and the infill prevents concrete entering the channel during casting. We stock a wide range of cast-in channels and associated fixings and lintels from leading manufacturer Ancon.


Windposts enable exterior walls to maintain their thickness and still be robust enough to stand up to high winds, without the need for strengthening a wall by making it thicker. Windposts are usually installed within cavity walls.

We offer a complete design service where bespoke windposts can be manufactured to your exact specifications. As well as the posts themselves, we can offer a large range of Ancon ties and fixings for windposts.

Brick Reinforcement

Brick reinforcement products increase the strength of masonry walls by providing greater resistance to lateral loads and reducing the risk of cracking, particularly at joints. We stock a popular range of brick reinforcement products, including Brick Ladder and Mesh, from some of the biggest names in the masonry industry including Ancon and Bekaert.

All the brick reinforcement products we stock comply with the new regulations on CE marking.

Wall Ties and Restraint Fixings

Full range of housing and commercial wall ties, low thermal conductivity ties (teplo tie) and Ancon’s new acoustic wall ties.

Surface Fixed Wall Channels

We stock wall channels from industry leading brand Ancon. The range includes the Ancon 25/14 Restraint System which is designed to fasten steel studding to brickwork and Ancon Surface Fixed Channels which can be fixed to concrete or steelwork. All ranges of products are available in different sizes to suit the build needs.

Wall Starter Systems

Wall starter systems enable new masonry walls to be securely and quickly tied to existing walls. Wall starter systems includes products from Ancon and Simpson Strong Tie which are suitable for a range of wall widths.

Head Restraints

Head restraints limit the amount of unstable movement at the top of masonry walls whilst allowing for movement through shrinkage or thermal movement of the wall. Head restraints also help limit movement from wind loads.

SIG CA stock a range of head restraints and ancillaries from leading masonry specialists Ancon.

Restraint Straps/Multiholed Fixings Straps

Restraint straps are designed to work horizontally and vertically to connect timber structures such as joists, rafters and floors to masonry walls. SIG CA supply a variety of restraint straps from Simpson Strong Tie which are suitable for a wide range of purposes.

Masonry Hangers - Solid Joist

Masonry hangers support solid joists, rafters and beams which are connected to masonry walls. The range available from SIG CA includes one-piece non-welded joist hangers and hangers with adjustable height straps from Simpson Strong Tie.

Roof Connectors

Designed to connect trusses, rafters and girders to wall plates, we stock a variety of roof connectors which are ideal for providing wind restraint on structures. You will find a selection of roof connectors from Simpson Strong Tie available to order from SIG CA.

Angle Brackets and Ties

Angle brackets and ties allow the joining of timber at a range of angles and are often used to fix posts, trusses and purlins. The range available at SIG CA includes angle brackets and ties from leading fixings manufacturer Simpson Strong Tie.

Joint Fillers

SIG Own Brand Alti-Filler is a closed cell polyethylene foam joint filler which can be provided in a roll, sheet or strip for ease of use and are suitable for use with brickwork joints and concrete slab construction.


Sealants ensure that a structure's joints, whether in brickwork, blockwork, floor joints or gaps around doors and windows, are fully sealed to create a smooth finish. The sealants available from SIG CA come in different colours and are very easy to apply. We stock sealants from well-known brands including Fosroc, Arbo and Everbuild.

Damp Proof Courses (DPC)

Damp Proof Courses provide a barrier to prevent rising damp from infiltrating a structure. When choosing a DPC, there are many different things to consider including durability, thermal efficiency, fire and gas resistance, resistance to loading and how well it adheres to mortar.

We stock a wide variety of DPC’s which provide many of the above features, leading brands we stock include Zedex and Hyload.

Damp Proof Course (DPC) Accessories

As well as Damp Proof Courses themselves, we supply all the necessary accessories you need to successfully install a DPC including joint supports, fixing strips and pins, adhesives, tapes and mastics from brands including Zedex and Hyload.

Cloak Units & Cavity Trays

Both Pre-formed DPC cloak units and bespoke, made to order cavity trays are available from SIG CA; including built-in cloaks and surface-fix cloaks, to make damp-proofing awkward junctions simpler and to eliminate leakage. Pre-formed cloak units make it easier to damp-proof complex shapes which can help to avoid potential problems including costly remedial work.

Abutment Trays

Abutment trays help to prevent damp from driving rain from infiltrating a structure and are used where sloping roofs abut cavity walls. Abutment trays 'redirect' water from the cavity wall by channelling it back through the brickwork where it can flow down the abutted roof.

SIG CA provides undressed and lead dressed abutment trays and the leaded trays combine the functions of cavity DPC and roof lead flashing.

Brickwork Protection

Protecting brickwork on site can help avoid annoying and costly problems caused by frost, heavy rain and strong sunlight. Specialist brickwork blankets and fleeces protect brickwork from the elements and can also be used to protect concrete during the curing process. SIG CA supply Alti-Fleece blankets, which feature a unique patented design, as well as hessian blankets.

Brick & Concrete Cleaning Material

Brick and concrete take their fair share of wear and tear and over time can become stained. Specialist cleaning materials can remove common stains such as rust and efflorescence to smarten up surfaces. Cleaning products are also needed during the construction phase to remove mortar from brickwork and to remove concrete easily from site machinery.

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