Concrete Repair and Protection

SIG Construction Accessories are distributors for the largest manufacturers in the concrete repair market so we can offer you a solution to any concrete repair project you have. From large scale renovations and structures, to restoring kerbs and joint rises, SIG CA will have a product or system to do the job.

The specialist SIG CA Concrete Repair Centre offers technical advice and guidance on all aspects of concrete repair to help you find the right solution for the job. Whatever your project, our team of experts can help make sure it runs smoothly.

Primers and steel protection

Steel is integral to many concrete structures and during the concrete repair process, any steel needs to be prepared fully to ensure the repair job is finished to the highest standard. Steel protection products provide protection to embedded steel reinforcement and can repair any damage to the steel such as rusting. Using primers will prepare any surface for repairs to ensure a professional and durable finish.

Primers and steel protection materials available from SIG CA include products from the biggest names in the industry such as BASF, Flexcrete, Fosroc, Ronacrete, Sika and Weber.

Cementitious repair mortars

Cementitious repair mortars are designed to fix cracks in concrete during structural concrete repairs. SIG CA stock repair mortars that are pre-bagged and simple to use as you can just select the grade you need depending on the application. Fosroc and Weber are two of the most well-known brands we stock in cementitious repair mortars.

Resin repair mortars

Resin repair mortars are ideal for use when a high strength finish is required quickly. The range we stock includes mortars designed for strengthening and restoring low strength cement or sand screeds and can also be used for lining and waterproofing structures and surfaces which come into contact with food and drinking water.

You can also choose from resin repair mortars which are used to protect concrete and steel structures in aggressive conditions.

Crack injection and stitching materials

SIG CA stock a range of crack injection and stitching materials from expert brands Sika and Fosroc. The range includes crack injection solutions for minor concrete repairs to in-situ or pre-cast concrete, plus low viscosity, solvent-free epoxy crack injection for repairs by pouring or injecting into cracks in concrete, or for stabilising lifted screeds.

The range includes pre-packaged crack injection kits for easy application.

Fast setting pavement repairs

Potholes and damage to pavements not only looks unsightly but can also be dangerous. The range of fast setting pavement repairs in stock at SIG CA includes mortars suitable for repairing large areas of external and internal concrete pavements and floors and prepacked polymer modified mortars ideal for making emergency repairs where a rapid hardening solution is required.

The fast setting pavement repairs supplied by SIG CA include innovative products from Fosroc, Weber and Ronacrete.

Decorative coatings

Decorative coatings add a professional and attractive finishing touch to concrete repair projects – particularly on walkways, balconies and floors. SIG CA supply decorative coatings from Flexcrete and Weber which include anti-carbonation coatings and provide a durable and attractive finish for repair jobs and new construction projects.

Anti-carbonation coatings

Although the process of carbonation in concrete can increase its mechanical strength, it can have a negative impact on the reinforcement steel in concrete and cause it to corrode. Anti-carbonation products provide long term protection of existing concrete and new repairs. We stock anti-carbonation coatings from Flexcrete and Weber.

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