Strengthening the Kirkcudbright Bridge in Dumfriesshire

Kirkcudbright Bridge in Dumfriesshire

SIG CA were involved in a repair project at the Kirkcudbright Bridge (which crosses the River Dee at Kirkcudbright). The structure was erected in 1926 and was in in much need of repair after sections of concrete under the bridge had been badly affected by erosion. Repairs needed to be carried quickly, efficiently, and with the least amount of disruption as the bridge provides a direct route west out of Dumfriesshire.

Repairing the damage

A team of leading experts investigated the bridge and decided that repairs would have to be done in three parts: firstly, what remained of the damaged concrete had to be removed, the steel beams underneath the concrete then had to be treated, and finally a new coating of concrete had to be applied. CRL were brought in as the repair contractors for the project, the team cut back the cracked and eroded areas of concrete until the metal beams underneath were exposed. They then sandblasted and treated the beams with a protective coat of anti-corrosive solution.

The materials for the final stage of the project were provided by SIG Construction Accessories, and the project of choice was the weber.cem DS cement spray. This was sprayed over the beams to ensure that the metal was covered and protected.

A specialist project for smooth application

Weber.cem DS cement spray was chosen for this project as it is: specially formulated for dry process spray applications, extremely cost effective, and easier to apply than hand applied mortars. The main problem was that the concrete needed to be replaced above head height underneath the bridge, and this is why the concrete spray was such a suitable choice for covering the steel reinforcement.

Gordon Hart, from SIG construction Accessories Eurocentral provided feedback on the success of the project "Kirkcudbright Bridge is a major traffic route out of the town so understandably the bridge had taken its fair share of wear and tear over the years and was in much need of refurbishment. As the route is so important, the repairs had to be done quickly, and with as little disruption as possible."

"We worked closely with Weber to time the deliveries of their products to suit the availability of staff working on the site. The project was straightforward as SIG CA Eurocentral has worked with Weber many times before, so they actively shared project information with us via the contractor."

Gordon concluded, "We have built a trusted relationship with Weber as they know that we will not let them down or damage their reputation."