SIG CA help award-winning Edge Hill campus expand

Edge Hill university campus

SIG Construction Accessories are working alongside contractors to provide students at Edge Hill University with new, eco-friendly accommodation.

Contractors John Turner have now completed the latest development of the student building at Edge Hill University’s Ormskirk Campus, Lancashire.

The Edge Hill campus is being expanded because the university was recently awarded the accolade of Times Higher University of the Year.

The ongoing development is designed to be environmentally friendly and provide a modern, high spec space for students.

Green accommodation

To meet the eco- friendly criteria SIG Construction Accessories looked towards material which is designed to save energy. One of those products, provided by SIG Insulation, was Earthwool DriTherm Cavity Slabs which are semi-rigid or rigid slabs of water repellent, non-combustible glass mineral wool.

These slabs are particularly useful for projects looking to minimise environmental impact as they have no known threat to the environment, zero Ozone Depletion Potential and zero Global Warming Potential.

As a result the development is 30% more energy efficient than standard and 20% better than CIBSE best practice.

Specialist products

During all nine phases of the build SIG Construction Accessories provided a number of products to the project. One of the products sourced by SIG CA Area Sales Manager Lyndsay Tonge and the team at SIG CA Manchester was Hyload DPC. This quality DPC is suitable for damp proofing and cavity trays in all solid or cavity wall applications including brick, block, stonework and concrete. Because of the product’s versatility and resistance to compression (even under the heaviest wall loading) this was the ideal product for the development.

The SIG CA team at Manchester also provided Ancon Two-Part Ties which were crucial for this project.

Lyndsay Tonge said:

"Cavities over 150mm, which require long wall ties, can be difficult to balance and keep horizontal when built into the inner leaf, therefore two-part ties can be used to eliminate these issues. The Ancon Two-Part Tie has one section built into the inner leaf and the second section is installed as the outer leaf is built. The cavity in the project was bigger than a standard take so we offered Ancon Two-Part Ties that provide balance and strength between the internal and external wall leaf."

Timed deliveries

As the project took place on the site of a busy university campus, delivery times were carefully considered. Deliveries needed to take into account not just traffic but also the students, lecturers, and visitors who use the campus.

Lyndsay explains:

"Product deliveries were made as required but due to the high level of public traffic in the area, we had to make sure that deliveries were timed outside of University hours to reduce risk and make access easier. We've worked with John Turner throughout all nine phases of this project so we've built up a level of trust with the contractor, which means they know we will deliver the right products when they need them, without issue."