Product Range

The extensive range of products and materials available at SIG Commercial Drainage ensures we have the right stock available on the ground for your order. This range, supported by our industry leading expertise and technical support are further reasons to make SIG Commercial Drainage your supplier of choice.

Please see a selection of our product ranges available to order below.

Drainage Products

Above Ground Drainage

Complete commercial drainage solutions for industrial or commercial facilities in all above ground systems, cast iron, PVC, HDPE, aluminium and stainless steel. Every drainage system in our range uses the very highest quality of product to excel in any application.

Specialist drainage products

Specialist Drainage

We specialise in drainage solutions that allow flexibility with any fluid or medium involved, ideal for hospital, pharmaceutical, school or laboratory applications. From Vulcathene to HDPE systems, each option is highly durable and adaptable.

Pressure plastic systems

Industrial Plastics

A range of pressure plastic systems suitable for a wealth of applications, from hot and cold water services, chilled water and air conditioning, chemical transfer, heating and water treatment. Each solution is lightweight, easy to install, has no scrap value and is corrosive resistant.

Pipe Support

Pipe Support

We offer an extensive range of support and hanging systems, basket tray and fixings to suit a host of quality pipe supports and all ancillary fittings, including a pre-fabrication service within the group.

To support this we provide fixings for all systems, from sanitary installations, heating systems and cooling pipes, to air ducts and cast iron drainage pipes.

Fire Protection

Fire Protection

Fire sleeves for plastic pipe applications are simple to install, compact, suitable for close ceiling and wall applications and just one is required per aperture. A correctly fitted sleeve will prevent the spread of fire and smoke.

Choose from a full range of sleeves and collar diameters, as well as complementary protection foam, fire protection mortar and coatings.

Ventilation devices


A ventilation system that complements all drainage solutions for lightweight commercial building applications. Rigid insulated ducting prevents heat loss and condensation creation, making it suitable for single, multi-floor and apartment uses.

As well as offering excellent air tightness, a range of insulation, sound attenuation and fire stopping products is also available.

Pipes & Fittings

PE Pipes & Fittings

Protecta-Line is a fully integrated barrier pipe and fittings system for the safe transportation of water through contaminated land. This knitemark solution offers the peace of mind that the high standards demanded in water supply applications are being met.

We supply a full range of standard PE pipes and fittings for all applications across the utilities and building services industries:

  • Blue for potable water applications
  • Black for all above ground potable water applications, including sewage, irrigation and quarry slurry transfer
  • Yellow MDPE tubes and fittings for the transfer of natural gas
  • A range of compression, butt-fusion and electrofusion fittings is also available to complement these piping systems
Multilayer press fit system

Plastic Commercial Press Fit

Multilayer, press-fit systems for potable water, sanitary and heating applications in high rise residential, healthcare and large scale industrial and commercial builds.

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