Construction: It’s Not All Champagne and Parties

Added: 04/03/16 Author: Mark Tomlin

This week my colleagues and I attended Build UK’s Champagne Reception, but there’s a serious reason behind our attendance beyond free alcohol and mingling.

If you don’t already know, Build UK was formed following the merger of the National Specialist Contractors’ Council (NSCC) and the UK Contractors Group (UKGC). More than helping to cut back the amount of acronyms in the construction industry, Build UK represents nearly 30 of the country’s leading main contractors, as well as 40 key trade associations.

As part of its remit, Build UK looks to address five key industry issues: The image of construction, meeting the industry’s skills needs, effective pre-qualification, maximizing health and safety performance and ensuring the implementation of fair payment practices.

Now, in the interests of full disclosure, I should point out that SIG is a key partner of Build UK, but there’ a good reason for this.

Since Build UK represents some of the largest names in contracting, events such as Wednesday’s reception give us the chance to get a real picture of what people think of the sector, as well as making sure that the issues of time and productivity are still on the agenda.

While this might not be one of Build UK’s five key areas of concern, we can help to raise awareness and hopefully get everybody in the industry pushing in the same direction using the same methods.

By taking this collaborative approach, rather than just being in it for ourselves, contractors and associations will find strength in numbers, helping to make our case all the more compelling to those at the very top of the ladder.

You can learn more about Build UK on their website: