Technology in Construction – Helping Hand or Crutch?

Added: 15/02/16 Author: Mark Tomlin

As I mentioned in my post last week, there’s a feeling that the construction industry isn’t doing all it can to maximise productivity.

Well, it turns out great minds think alike, because earlier this week my colleague (and SIG Managing Director) Robert Barclay spoke to Construction News on that very subject.

While I mainly looked at the CITB’s Construction Skills Network Forecast and ONS stats, Robert raised some good points on the introduction of new processes and the part they can play in getting the industry up to speed.

Although BIM, offsite manufacture and other modern methods can certainly help to cut project times, a substantial amount of work still has to be carried out by the industry’s greatest asset, the man on the ground.

Some members of the public may perceive construction work as unskilled and easily replicated by machinery, but we know that isn’t really the case. For great results we need to ensure that everyone working on a project, from the design office worker to the bricklayer has the best skillset possible, and while technology can help to shoulder some of the burden, nothing makes up for the thousands of hours of experience built up over the course of a professional’s life.

Of course, this is an issue that’s likely to stay on the agenda for some time, as it’s in The Government’s best interests to ensure that every industry is as efficient as possible in order to boost the economy and our standing in the world market. Now we just need to pull together to achieve this.